Church Space Consulting


As owner and operator of a company that has provided building products, interior design elements, and services to churches for over 39 years, Gale Graf has amassed a wealth of knowledge that can save your congregation time and money in its church construction or remodeling project. 


Gale has been in the larger construction and building supply industries for most of his life and became owner of CFBS, Inc.,  in 1985.  In the last 25 years he has become a specialist in helping churches make good decisions that will leave them happy with their end result.


Gale trains all representatives and oversees the consulting service that is part of the package when products are purchased. However, he also offers a fee-based consulting service to those who are just in the planning stage or wish to purchase elsewhere.


For more information about products and services available through CFBS, please go to the company website below.



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